Saturday morning

Yesterday was a day of catching up on a few chores that had been left.  Firstly the shopping, we had nothing exciting to eat so a trip to the butcher was in order.  Three lovely fat pork chops were on the menu for lunch along with the lovely spring cabbage and some sage and onion stuffing and gravy.  I had also done some baked potatoes but they got left for supper which we had with some interesting sausages labeled "welsh dragon" [pork leek and chilli] they were very tasty.  The butcher makes his sausages with pork leg meat as he can get more per lb if he sells the meat as sausages but it does mean they are made with good lean cuts. I also bought a leg of lamb which we will probably have on Monday as I am out for Sunday lunch.  Then it was on to the fishmonger and there I bought a nice piece of salmon which I have poached and we will have cold with a salad for lunch today.  I also bought a nice piece of undyed smoked haddock which will make a nice supper with a poached egg and some spinach.  

We are forecast another day with showers though yesterday stayed dry.  The garden looks a mess as all the nasty cold wind has brought down loads of leaves and petals which just makes the place look messy.  Last year I purchased a "lazy mans broom" which is a petrol driven blower and this makes short work of clearing up.  I also have some greenery growing through my patio blocks so it is time to mix up a good bucket full of brine and water it onto the green bits.  I could just sprinkle salt but unfortunately the dogs are inclined to lick it, so brine is a better solution.  This is a considerably cheaper way of dealing with the weeds than buying expensive weed killer.  Of course it is no good if you have to kill weeds on soil where you intend to plant things as it does the soil no good at all but on hard standing or gravel it is ideal.  With all the water we had over the winter lots of the established plants have gone mad and I have two black bamboo [phyllostachys nigra] plants which are now going crazy and need to be tied back.  Gardening like house work is pretty relentless and there are always jobs outstanding.  

Well that about it for this morning I am going to get on and get my brine made and do a bit of tidying however I don't think any of the neighbours would appreciate it if I fired up the blower at this time of the morning as it is not exactly quiet.  I can also get a coat of varnish on the chairs which is also a quiet little job to be getting on with while the majority of people are still asleep.  The sky looks clear and there are no rain clouds in evidence so I am going to make hay while the sun shines and before the weather turns.  

Have a good day all .......
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