Saturday Morning

Tubby has taken up ornithology and spends hours just watching the birds completely fascinated.

By rights yesterday should have been a good day but things are never what you expect!  Mike now has a nice chest infection which I would love to blame on the 48 hours he spent in the cesspit we call a hospital.  However, I do know that it is not that easy to attribute blame.  Fortunately, I had a course of antibiotics and steroids left from the last infection so I have started him on those immediately in the hope of hitting it hard and fast and hopefully bringing it to a swift conclusion. To go along with that James had a diarrhoea and vomiting [D&V] bug which poleaxed him for the day. It can't have been anything he ate as we all had the same and the rest of us are fine.  So I was the last man standing!!!!

Nothing for it but to get on with the day - James was on fluids only and Mike had lost his appetite so we ended up eating up leftovers.  However, I had already made plans to make Ajo Blanco which is cold spanish soup made from almonds, garlic, cucumber and bread.  Sounds foul but it is actually very refreshing and quite tasty.  I bought the almonds in Aldi along with the rest of the shopping and then spent a happy hour removing the skins from 360 grams.  This is the sort of soup that does require a blender so the thermomix came in very handy.  When I have had this soup in Spain it has been served with a handful of white grapes which just takes the edge off the strength of the raw garlic.  Mike had a small bowlful for supper as did I and we were pleasantly surprised. The grapes do make a big difference. 

I got the final coat of varnish on the two chairs so they can now be swapped for a pair that need to be done.  It is possible to get the three coats on in one day as you only need 4 hours between coats but I am not going to push myself.  So long as it gets done by the time winter arrives that will be fine.

I have no real plans for today as I will have to see how many I have on sick call - it does however give me time to get the ironing out of the way and give the kitchen a good clean.   I believe the weather is supposed to be a bit overcast with a chance of rain which I must admit the garden would be very happy with and would save me a job of watering.  Except the greenhouse which I am off to do now before the sun gets up.  Have a good day all........

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