Saturday Morning 2 days to go

Put three headstrong very overstressed and overtired people in a box and what happens WAR but after war comes PEACE.  I am pleased to say that we now have our peace and equilibrium back.  Not much else was accomplished, but who cares, at least we now have some harmony back in our lives.  In the end everyone got to blow off a bit of steam which is probably a healthy thing as bottled up resentment is never going to help anyone.

So what is the plan for today?  Well there is still the varnishing to do!!!!  Dog food supplies are running low so a trip to the supplier is in order.  I need to book the car in for its MOT and service then comes the painful purchase of the tax disc and the insurance.  After that I hope we can then have a trouble free years motoring.  

After much rummaging I found a pair pyjamas for Mike to take to hospital and now I need to start gathering bits he might need.  I am trying not to get too hopeful as I do know that they could still cancel.  Mike, of course, is very worried he has never been in hospital for more than 24 hours which he absolutely hated - he has never had surgery so doesn't know what to expect.  I know that the surgery is just a bit of darning, it is the anaesthetic which is the real danger so I hope that goes according to plan.  Monday is going to be a very busy day as James also has an appointment with the pain clinic.  

I thought I would start today off with a good breakfast of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on door steps of hot toast.  Lunch will have to be salad of some kind as I have a fridge full of salad ingredients and for supper some sort of pasta which is quick and easy.  Yesterday was a hot sunny day so I got the dogs out bright and early as they don't appreciate it when it is very warm.  Today it looks very overcast and cloudy and we are forecast rain so perhaps a gentle pottering day for all.  Thank you all for your moral support it really does help when you are feeling so low, but these things pass and a good nights sleep works wonders........
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