Monday morning

Good morning all and many thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I did exactly what I said I would no work just what I fancied.  Lunch with Len and Margaret went extremely well with a lovely piece of roast beef with all the trimmings and a bowl of strawberries for dessert what more could you ask.  The phone rang off the hook with friends wishing me Happy Birthday.  I must admit somehow it is nicer to have a chat than just to receive a card. Elaine has asked me out for lunch today at the local pub and tonight I am going dog training with Sandi so it is going to be a pretty full day.  If I am out for lunch I will have to leave something for the men to eat.  I have some burgers in the freezer and they will have to do.  

In the morning I took my gun up to a neighbor's house so that their daughter could have a go with it and see if it was too heavy for her, which it was, so I phoned the shooting club and found that they have 410 guns available for children so there will be no problem there and our shooting day on Wednesday will be a goer if the weather holds.  Sadly yesterday it rained continuously most of the afternoon and early evening. However the garden needed it so I am not complaining but I must remember to water the greenhouse as that will be as dry as a biscuit.  I also need a shopping run as we are low on the essentials of bread and milk - I must admit I haven't made a loaf for a while I just seem to have lost interest in cooking.  If you are going to lose interest the summer is the time to do it when salads are on the menu a lot and we tend to be out and about a bit more.  

Well that is the plan for the day but first and foremost the dogs need walking so I am off to get dressed and get out with them while the going is good.  

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