Monday morning

Yesterday was a glorious sunny day and the barbecue went off well but the highlight of the afternoon was a trip down the Dene hole.  I went down first but sadly my camera was in my handbag which Sandy was looking after for me so I took photos of her going down.  As you can see the entrance is not exactly wide and you are actually at the top of two caving ladders.

Once at the bottom you were in a cathedral like space where it was lovely and cool and there was lighting laid on as well as air being pumped in through the plastic pipe. 

Sandy captured me emerging from the depths and with a souvenir, yes, I had mined my own bit of chalk

Ok it might not look very impressive but it is all my own work.

I arrived back home at about 6pm having had a really good time it seems so long since I have done anything but sort out the house and problem men and run a home for the bewildered.  It was a really lovely break and one that was much needed.  I thought I would be terrified of going down such a small hole but the team of guys who were in charge were wonderful and made it as easy as possible for us and I felt completely safe at all times.  However, I have no intentions of taking up pot holing as a pass time.

Well that was yesterday so today it will be Sunday lunch of roast leg of lamb.  James will be going over to the flat to wait for the lady from Oxfam who is coming to see what she might like to take and what might be saleable.  We are hoping that much of the remaining stuff might go and we should only be left with the real rubbish to dispose of. Then hopefully that will close another stressful chapter.
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