Monday morning

As I put up these photos I suddenly realised how patriotic I have been. They are all clematis but they are red white and blue.  Presumably if the Scots decide to go their own way we will have to have a new flag as the union flag will be redundant as will the term United Kingdom. 

Yesterday, was another cold and miserable day in fact it was so chilly that the central heating came on first thing in the morning.  It is thermostatically controlled by the external temperature as well as the internal.  This means that we don't turn it on and off but allow the temperature to dictate whether we need it or not.  Mike had a bit of a rough day feeling pretty miserable but hopefully the chest infection is under control though we won't know until he finishes the antibiotics.  James was much improved so he did me a favour and took the dogs for a walk while I did the lunch.  The steaks we had were New Zealand Wagyu beef and though they were expensive, even in Aldi, they were very good.  I had a rather a lot of celery so I made some into braised celery to accompany the meat as well as a large green salad.  I had boiled up a bag of salad potatoes but they ended up as supper saute with some onions and accompanied by a couple of fried eggs.  Not quite egg and chips but very nearly.

Sadly the weather looks pretty miserable this morning the sky is deep grey and thickly clouded and there is still a cold wind blowing.  Though we have had the odd shower it has not been enough to water the garden which is looking very dry.  

The district nurse is due to visit today and have a look at Mike they had wanted him to attend a wound clinic but I said he was not well enough so they are coming to see him instead though we have no idea what sort of time to expect them.  At some point I think I will need to go shopping as some of the staples are running low and need restocking.  However, I would like to be here when the nurse comes.  I also need to get going and organise the car tax which apparently you can do online so I might give that a go and save myself a trip to the post office.  I think I will sit tight and wait for the nurse to visit then go shopping after that.  We have some venison burgers which will do for lunch and if necessary there is always a takeaway for supper.  We are very fortunate in that we have so many takeaways at our disposal though it does nothing for the obesity crisis locally and it would be very easy to fall into the lazy habit of just picking up the phone and ordering something.  Fortunately I love to cook but for those who don't it is a terrible temptation.

On that happy note I am off to trawl round the freezer and see what I can come up with. No doubt I will find something I have long forgotten existed.......

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