Monday Morning

If all goes well next Monday I will be taking Mike to the hospital for his surgery - Today I will ring the surgeons secretary and make sure that he is on the list for next week.  These last 9 months have been a long haul and I for one will be glad to see a bit of progress.  

Yesterday was a fairly busy day for me as James seems to be on night duty again he finds great difficulty in sleeping at night then passes out during the day which makes things difficult for me as I never know what to do - do I keep him up or do I let him sleep.  It is 4am and he is still up I am hoping he will now sleep for a few hours but then what do I do come lunch time?  I put his lunch on a plate and cover it and he eats it when he wakes or should I wake him and then hope he sleeps at night. I have an aversion to waking sleeping people as sleep is such a precious thing I hate to disturb anyone.

I took the dogs for an early morning run and then dropped off at Tesco as Mike had managed to run himself out of biscuits [his staple diet] and squash.  Then it was back home to get the lunch underway I had picked a big handful of sea beet which made a welcome addition to the vegetables.  I managed to get all my monthly chores done with the exception of the pond pump which is still in need of a clean. Today Mark is coming and all the box hedges need a good trim not to mention several other bushes which have gone mad and need cutting back. 

There is enough chicken left from yesterday to serve us for lunch today and the carcass has been made into soup which will be fine for supper once I have added a few bits to it.  My vegetable stocks are quite low but my box is due tomorrow.   
  • bunched carrots 
  • spring onions 
  • pak choi 
  • rocket 
  • courgettes 
  • vine tomatoes 
  • chestnut mushrooms 
  • small butternut squash 
That lot should keep me going for a while especially as I picked up some Jersey Royals while I was shopping yesterday.  I could quite happily eat a plate of them with a knob of butter and some chives.  
I am delighted to announce that the trick of putting stones in Tubbys plate has solved the excessive gas problems.  It takes him quite a while to maneuver the stones around in the plate so that he can get at the food and as yet he has not thought to remove them first.

That's about it for this morning time to get the show on the road - have a good day all................
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