Monday June 9th and D day for us

Poor neglected lilies which some how survive and flower

Yesterday was a productive day - first I rang and canceled the insurance on the Smart which has netted me £50 so that is a good start.  Then it was off to Kwikfit to get the Land Rover MOT - all passed with flying colours so now I can get on and do the insurance and the tax then hopefully I will have another year of trouble free motoring.  I finally did the hated job of cleaning out the pond pump and then planted out my long green beans which are sturdy little plants so I hope they do well.  Next the garden table got sanded down and has had its first coat of varnish applied - two more coats to go and it should be OK for three years according to the Ronseal tin!  I still will have the chairs to do but I am trying not to think about that!!!!

As usual the halogen oven did a fabulous job of the chicken and there was enough for both lunch and supper.  Mike, who is very anxious, was occupied by being put through the shower which really takes it out of him so he was happy to snooze for most of the afternoon.  In a little while I will wake him and give him his medication and a nice drink of water which will be his last until after his operation. I am trying to keep my perspective and not get too worried but you must remember I have seen all the mistakes both surgical and anaesthetic so I have a bit too much knowledge for comfort.  Anyway the one thing I do know is that problems are rare and most operations go smoothly and according to plan. We have to be at the hospital by 7.30am so at least we should miss the major traffic jam which occurs around 10am.  Once I am back it will give me a good opportunity to strip out his room and give it a good clean and tidy and make up a fresh bed. As yet we have no information with regard to when they think they may discharge him but he has been asked to bring nothing but a pair of slippers and a dressing gown - no wash kit etc.  do they seriously think they are going to get him out as a day case?  

Anyway, I can think no further ahead than getting this hospital visit done - there will only be James and I for lunch so we will be happy with an egg on toast and then a takeaway for tonight we will just have to play the day by ear and if I get bored I have plenty of varnishing to do!!!!
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