Friday and only a couple of days to go

Miramare castle Trieste
This photo was pinched from google images but I think it shows the white marble castle in all its glory.  It was built for Maria Teresa wife of Maximilian of Austria later emperor of Mexico where he was then assassinated by his brother. [Lovely people the royals] The surrounding grounds are huge and you can lose yourself for the whole day just wandering around.  Sadly the Americans were stationed there in the war and used the statues for target practice and they still bear the bullet holes. Why Trieste you ask? Well the happiest days of my life were spent there and I was desperate to grab my passport and run.......

Yesterday was another bad day as I was sent to coventry but it did galvanise me into some action. The wardrobe is now empty and all the clothes are in the clothes bank, all the laundry is done and the greenhouse has been weeded. The guest bedroom has been put back together and the bed made up. I then set to and made a sort of Lord Woolton pie.  This was a wartime dish made with vegetables. Mine contained diced carrot, courgette, spring onions, butternut squash and broccoli all of which were sweated down in some butter before being tucked into a pie of filo pastry. Very definitely not authentic but actually very tasty and an excellent way to use up excess vegetables.

Well today the sun is shining so may be a sandpaper and varnish day is in order.  

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