Friday morning

Yesterday was a really good day we managed to finish the flat clearance and the lady from Oxfam was delighted to take the bits that were available.  The last of the rubbish was piled into the my car and Shiona's and then we set off for the pub for lunch via the tip to dump the last of the rubbish that was too big for the dustmen.  While the lady from Oxfam was there James enquire about voluntary work and she snapped him up.  However she is on holiday for a fortnight and James would like to put the whole idea through the british legion who are tasked with that sort of thing that way everybody is happy and can tick their boxes.  I, personally, am over the moon about the idea as it is just the thing to get him out of the house and meeting other people.  It will give him some sort of focus and a reason other than will power to get out of bed in the morning.  I had shot out to Aldi when they opened and stocked up on the things Mike likes so he was well catered for.   Fortunately the rain held off until quite late last night and the garden got a good water.  The pond disaster seems to be a storm in a teacup and now that the water level is back up it seems to be holding so we are fairly confident that there isn't a leak in the liner and it was the pump that was at fault.  

Today is destined to be a bit of a muddle as the gas is being turned off at 8am and will be turned back on at about 3pm.  Mike and I are out at the hairdressers most of the morning and as the only thing we will be without is hot water it shouldn't be too much of a problem.  The road is still a major mess and will be so for some time which makes parking very difficult.  I think we will have to have something quick and easy for lunch as I will not be around to do much but I do have some lovely smoked haddock which might be nice with some spinach and poached egg - sort of eggs florentine!!! Failing that there is always cheese on toast!!!  In the mean time I have a pile of ironing which will keep me out of mischief and there is still the last coat of varnish to go on the chairs.  Hopefully by the end weekend we will have things back to normal. 

The Kent cherries are in season and this bowl was all but full yesterday - we are all trying not to make utter pigs of ourselves as we all know the laxative results can be quite distressing but they are pretty irresistible.

Well the sun is up and I am off to water the greenhouse which I tend to forget when we have had rain however it doesn't rain in the greenhouse and the tomatoes will be very dry.  Have a good day all whatever you have planned.

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