Friday Morning

What a strange day yesterday was. In the morning we had summer but by afternoon we were into autumn.  The morning was bright sunny and warm but by lunch time in came the clouds then down came the rain and the temperature dropped like a stone.  When we went for our walk it was very hot and the dogs were really panting on the way home and soon collapsed into the coolest places in the house.  Suddenly lying spread eagled on my tiled kitchen floor was the place to be.  Not very convenient if you are trying to prepare lunch.  

Talking of lunch this was the Jamie Oliver mackerel type carbonara.  First of all let me save you the effort of trying it - it was not good.  The flavour of the smoked mackerel completely dominated the whole dish making the other ingredients redundant.  All of the ingredients were nice in their own rite but mixing them together was a mistake and in my opinion really didn't work.  However, if you were to ask the dogs they were of the opinion that it was delicious but then you know what dogs will eat!!!!!  We ate a small portion each so there was plenty left for our four footed friends.  For supper we consoled ourselves with some cheese on toast which was simple but much better.  

The district nurse came to see Mike and has discharged him, so now it is down to him to get himself going.  Getting him motivated is really difficult but he did ask if he could come in the car next time we take the dogs out and I have agreed that this would be a good idea but he must be up and dressed if he wants to come with us.  No lying in bed wallowing in self pity!!!!! I have also suggested that he take over feeding the dogs as his responsibility in the hope that if he has some sort of purpose he might get going.  I gave him the choice of that or the dishwasher - the dishwasher lost, we all hate loading and unloading the dishwasher and I often end up washing things by hand rather than use it. Isn't it funny the chores that you really hate and those you don't mind so much.  I don't mind ironing but I hate putting away.  

The chairs got their second coat of varnish very early in the morning before the sun got on to them but then I was scuppered for a last coat as it was too hot and sunny immediately followed by too wet and cold.  Although the rain was not heavy it was continuous for several hours so I hope the garden will benefit a little.  

I have no interest in football but with men in the house you can't avoid it and last night they were all set for the England match which I think just about finished our chances in the world cup.  There will be a lot of disgruntled men around today I think.

I have some spring greens in the fridge and I think today they will go very well with some pork chops but that means a trip to the butcher first.  For the weekend I rather fancy some roast lamb but I have been invited to a barbecue on Sunday so I will not be around to cook a Sunday lunch.  The weather forecast is for more rain and at the moment the skies look dark and heavy with the odd glimmer of sunshine.  Have a good day all and I hope you can work around this changeable weather.
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