Friday morning much too early

Everywhere you look in the garden there is something trying to break into flower

Yesterday was another gorgeous day so a bit of judicious watering was needed as those plants in pots were beginning to suffer.  I managed to get a coat of varnish on the chairs before the sun hit the spot where they stand.  I seemed to be chasing the shade so that I could do odd jobs that didn't need the suns help.  Mike is making great progress and had two walks as far as the pond and back which is half the length of the garden.  Having been largely off his feet for 9 months you can imagine how weak his legs are.  Anyway he spent most of the morning pottering around and sorting out his medication which is a fair task as he has so many different drugs to take.  I got on with our lunch which was some lamb leg steaks with which we had a large potato salad and some spinach.  A bit of an odd mixture but all the items are Mikes favourites.  For supper we had a homemade gazpacho soup with loads of vegetables cut into very fine dice as additions to the soup.  There were bread croutons fried until very crisp and then tomatoes all skinned and pipped, peppers, onions and cucumber all very finely chopped. [I believe the correct term is brunoise]  As I had made it in the morning it had plenty of time to get good and cold in fridge before supper time.  

After lunch I had settled Mike in his room for a rest and to watch "The Grand Hotel Budapest" which he thoroughly enjoyed and managed to stay awake to the bitter end.  I have booked us haircut appointments but not until the 27th by which time he should be fit enough but in the mean time we look like a pair of real scuffs.  Trying to fit in all these odds and ends is quite difficult but hopefully I have got my timing about right.  Talking about timing, my raspberries are ripe for the picking as I didn't get round to cutting them back they are fruiting as summer rather than autumn berries.  The dogs are quite partial to a handful if you pick them, but Tubby has found that both under ripe figs and gooseberries are really not worth the effort.  With no hens the chicken run has turned into a weed patch but that will all be sorted out once I replace the hens.  I intend to leave that until spring next year which will give the ground time to recover and also cut down on my work until things are a bit more stable indoors.

Todays plan is to continue with the exercise for Mike.  That the weather is so nice makes things much easier.  I have some mince which I am going to make into burgers for lunch and there is still a massive portion of potato salad left along with several lettuces which need eating so I guess it is another salad day.  I love salad so it is no hardship for me.  

Well I guess thats about it for this morning I am off out to get a coat of varnish on the chairs before the sun is fully up.  There are six chairs and I am doing them two at a time as each requires three coats of varnish it will take a while.  Have a good day and lets hope the good weather holds for the weekend for all of you who are working.

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