Wednesday morning

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What a miserable day yesterday was it rained continuously for between 24-36 hours with not a moments let up and it is still raining.  It was never very heavy but relentless.  So what to do with such an awful day - shopping, but not until after I had cleaned the fridge which in the end took about half an hour so not exactly a major task.  Once that was done we headed off to Macknades in Faversham.  Where we restocked with coffee beans and a few other nice little bits and bobs.  In fact we purchased lunch a really lovely sourdough loaf, some gorgonzola dolce, some sundried tomatoes, grilled artichokes in oil and some cipolline in agrodolce.  For Mike a packet of biscuits and some fudge to which he is addicted.  I seldom get out of that shop with a bill of less than £100 but the coffee is £11 per kilo so 4 bags takes a big chunk of the money.  Anyway that done it was on to the butcher in Brogdale better known for its fruit tree collection but the butcher is good quality and has a nice selection of meats.  I bought some gloucester old spot sausage meat and a black pudding with which I intend to make some mini scotch eggs with the pack of quail eggs I had already purchased.  The two lamb neck fillets have already been made into a light stew and for tonight's supper there are some really lovely pork chops.  I also bought some venison sausages which will do for another meal.  We arrived home just in time for the vegetable box to arrive so I am now fully stocked with all sorts of nice bits and pieces with which to cook some nice meals.  Between 1-2pm my order from Tesco arrived with all the heavy stuff like bottles of fizzy water, and bottles of grapefruit squash, to which I am addicted, as well as boring things like toilet paper and shampoo etc but nothing that was not on special offer.

Supper was easy as there was a complete portion of lasagne left from the previous day.  Today my head is filled with ideas of what to do with all the lovely ingredients I now have.  I purchased some Farro [spelt] which is going to make a risibisi [rice and peas] which to all intents and purposes a risotto with fresh peas.  The little quail eggs are going to sit about for a bit as the older they are the easier they are to peel, so the old spot meat is in the freezer.  There are enough of the cold bits for lunch today and though the gorgonzola has gone I have some pate which will fill the gap.  The chops will do for supper with some of the true spinach which arrived in the box.  I also have a couple of big bunches of asparagus so they will make a nice addition to any meal or maybe just on their own with a hollandaise sauce.  I quite fancy making the smoked salmon terrine that Mary Berry made with a row of asparagus down the centre.  Looking at the ingredients I think this will freeze well once made and make a good standby dish.  

I have been in a bit of a "slough of despond" of late but now feel much invigorated by all the possibilities I have at hand.  However, before I get stuck into the cooking I need to get all the rubbish out for the bin men and my orchids need a soak which they missed at the weekend.  So onward and upward time to get this show on the road........

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