Wednesday morning

Sorry about yesterday I didn't notice that Google had messed up until quite late and reposted the blog which for some reason had stayed as a draft. No idea what happened I guess it was a glitch in the matrix or something.

The whole day yesterday it looked like rain was imminent the sky was black with heavy rain clouds but not a drop fell.  I felt quite sure it would rain as I hung out a heavy bedspread which had been through the washing machine but it dried in the cold wind quite quickly.  It is quite amazing how the weather can change from day to day here in the UK it is no wonder we spend so much time discussing it. One day you need a bikini and the next you need a fur coat!!!!

Deny came and worked her magic on the house and I set to and made the dough for the pizza bases. James friend turned up just as they were going in the oven so it was lunch for 4.  I made two large square pizza's one with salami the other with grilled artichokes, anchovies and black olives.  They both had the obligatory tomato sauce and mozzarella.  A large tossed green salad completed the meal and it was lovely to see it all get demolished with gusto.  I don't think there is anything more pleasing for a cook than to see the food demolished by appreciative eaters.  Supper was just a snack of some fish cakes which I had in the freezer. 

Today I am expecting Shiona to visit so I have a small chicken which I intend to spatchcock and cook quickly in the oven and to go with it I have a kohlrabi which I am going to cook rather like dauphinoise - in fact I may add some potato slices to bulk it up a bit.  James has an EMDR session this morning but he will have to drive over to West Malling which is about an hour away so I hope he is in a fit state to drive back after he has had his brain scrambled.  His first session was exhausting and he slept for most of the afternoon.  As none of us are much good at sleeping we have an unwritten rule that we leave people to sleep no matter what the time of day.  Meals can always be reheated when needed and sleep is precious and restorative so not to be wasted.

It being dustbin day I need to have a garden patrol for any doggy messages and then get the bins out for the bin men.  The recycle bin lorry comes bright and early but the landfill rubbish is picked up much later.  

Time is marching on and I need to get started so have a good day all......

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