Wednesday morning

Not so much fifty shades of grey as fifty shades of green. With the sun on it the garden looks none too bad if you don't look too closely.  My excuse for all the weeds is to help the bees!!!!

Yesterday turned upside down Sandy's son would prefer to come on Saturday afternoon which seems like a better idea and Mark is coming on Friday instead so my plans went topsy turvy.  Elly dropped by for a cup of coffee and was duly impressed by the new shower and fire installation.  

The vegetarian curry lunch was not bad at all despite the brown rice and and quinoa looking more like wallpaper paste it tasted OK once combined with the curry sauce.  I had rather overdone the quantity so the dogs got a portion of the rice.  Sadly Basso is not good at rice with his huge mouth and massive tongue he finds the little grains impossible and they get scattered all over the place.  The two terriers soon clear up his mess hoovering up every single grain not much gets left on my kitchen floor. 

The morning weather was fine but again in the afternoon we had a big downpour of rain which suits me fine as I do most of my outdoor stuff in the morning and try to put my feet up a bit in the afternoon.  The garden is certainly appreciating all the sun and rain and the plants are going berserk however I do still have to remember that the rain doesn't water the greenhouse or the plants in the potting shed so they still need my attention.

Today is bin day so I had better get the bins out before the bin men arrive then I hope that James and I can get the bedrooms sorted out a bit and some of the furniture moved.  Alternatively as it is such a lovely morning we may just throw caution to the wind and go shooting instead.  It is ages since we have been to JJ's shooting club so we may just take ourselves off for the morning.  

Lunch and dinner who knows ?????
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