Wednesday morning

Basso returns from his patrol of the garden.

Today is Denzil's last full day with us. The six weeks of his holiday have gone so quickly and I must admit I am going to be gutted when he goes back to Thailand.  No mother likes her children to be so far away still it could be worse he could live in Australia which is even further away.  He seems happy with his life out there so in that respect I am happy for him but the house will seem very empty without him.  

The sun is trying hard to penetrate the cloud cover so in a few more hours we may yet have a good day.  The house is spotless after Denny's visit yesterday but she came in spitting fire and feathers after her daughters terrible experience of having her baby in the Medway hospital.  What can I say except to commiserate but it does reinforce the fact that it is not only us that have been singled out for poor care it is meted out to everyone equally.  Anyway, mother and baby are now back home under Denny's care and doing very well.  Before taking up cleaning she had been a carer for many years so she is a great person to have around if you are not the full ticket.  

I eventually found out what is going on with my eye which has been playing up.  I went to the clinic and they directed me to an opticians at the Hempstead Valley shopping centre but they were unable to help so I ended up at the opticians up the road where he diagnosed blepharitis and very dry eye as the problem.  So now I am into hot compresses 4 times a day together with some eye drops and hopefully a resolution in a couple of weeks. There is every likelihood that my prolonged consumption of piriton when on holiday has caused this problem but it is nothing serious which is all I wanted confirmed.  

Lunch yesterday was all a bit rushed as I had an appointment with the optician just around lunchtime so we decided to have cold cuts and salads with some crusty bread.  Then for supper we had Japanese chicken which is one of James favorite dishes.  It is basically just bite sized pieces of chicken thigh which have been dipped into a batter made of flour, water, garlic and rice wine then fried.  It is one of those dishes which are better than the sum of the parts.  Todays menu  will largely depend on what Denzil fancies so I will wait for him to get up before I decide what to do.  

While I was out shopping I bought some herb plants which are now in my kitchen window box.  I have two types of parsley, flat and curly, basil, coriander, thyme and chives.  I also sprinkled a few nasturtium seeds amongst the herbs for a little bit of flower interest but everything is edible.  The hard herbs grow close by so everything is within easy reach of the kitchen.  It makes a bit of a change from the usual geraniums/pelargoniums and pansies.  

Today will also see the laundry play a big part as Denzil has a lot of clothes that will need to be washed before packing to go home so hopefully I can get everything dry and ironed.  Once he has gone it will be all the sheets which will need doing and possibly a rearrangement of bedrooms.  

Well thats the plan for the day but first I need to have a bit of a clean in the kitchen which got a bit splattered with last nights supper.  

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