Tuesday morning

Rain rain and more rain what a wet day we had yesterday and it is still raining this morning.  Typical bank holiday weather!!!!  We had a few hours of dry weather in the morning then by lunchtime it was wet and it has stayed that way ever since.

The lasagne for lunch went down well and there is enough for a second dose today.  Half an iceberg lettuce is still left so there will be a salad to go with it.  For supper we had some fish fingers and the remains of a bag of oven chips I found in the bottom of the freezer and a tomato salad.  I am trying to clear up a lot of stuff from the freezer so I can run it down and then have some fun refilling it.  Today I have an order from Tesco being delivered which is largely heavy stuff like bottles of squash and fizzy water in fact there is nothing on the order that was at full price.  It is also the day for my vegetable box to be delivered so that should spark some ideas.  I notice that I have no onions coming so I will have to get some as I cannot live without onions.  
  • bunched carrots 
  • wet garlic 
  • summer greens 
  • true spinach 
  • little gems lettuce 
  • cucumber 
  • cherry vine tomatoes 
  • celery 
I will also need to take a trip to Faversham to get coffee as that is running low and with the weather so awful today might be the day for that trip.  It also gives me the opportunity to go to the butcher at Brogdale where they have a very good selection of meat available.  

As you can imagine we are all a bit down as we wait with bated breath to see if Mike will get his surgery done on June 9th.  It will make a huge difference to us all once he is no longer largely bed bound.  Given that he has been pretty helpless since October we are all getting a bit tired of it and need some resolution to the situation.  Hanging around in limbo land has been a real trial.  I am particularly bad at waiting for anything - I am a strike while the iron is hot sort of person, so waiting is my worst nightmare.  It makes it impossible to make any plans for more than a day at a time so we are all trapped here in the house.  Thank goodness our friends come and visit or we would have gone crazy by now.

Despite my best intentions I never got round to cleaning the fridge so that has now become a real priority before the vegetables arrive and I start to refill it. So on that note I am off to do that right now which will make my conscience feel a bit better at least.

Have a good day if you can with this dismal weather.......

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