Tuesday Morning

This is a tiny siberian iris but really beautiful none the less - I love all irises they are so intricate and colourful.

Yesterday was another glorious sunny and hot day and the rain we had been forecast never appeared so all the washing got dried in no time.  Today looks more overcast so it may be a bit cooler and more conducive to ironing.  Leek and potato soup and slice of toast did us for lunch and for supper we had some meatballs with pasta.  The pasta was a shape I had not seen before it was like a very thick macaroni and long like spaghetti.  Once cooked it behave like a bucket of live eels and as we tried to serve it more ended up on the floor or work surface than on the plate.  It was also impossible to eat without getting smothered in tomato sauce.  We must have looked like a chimps tea party trying to eat this very uncooperative pasta!!!!  Anyway it gave us a great laugh as we chased it all over the place. The dogs thought it was great fun as pasta was raining down on them and though it was hot the devoured it in seconds.  I think this is one shape I will avoid in future.

I was interested to read this morning that it is salad dressed with olive oil that give the mediterranean diet it health benefits.  Well that is fine by me as we eat lots of dressed salad so it is nice to find it is actually good for you and apparently reduce blood pressure.  Today we will be having our salad with pizza which I will make from scratch.  James is expecting a friend to visit so we may be 4 for lunch and then I need to think about Wednesday as Shiona is coming over.  I think I may have to make another of those chiffon cakes as I am sure she will be interested in the process and the finished result. She, like me, is fond of cooking but not cake baking so deserts are always a problem.  This time I will try and get a photo before the thing evaporates!!!!!

I should have watered the green house last night but I forgot so I am going to do it now before the sun gets up high enough to boil the plants.  I never got around to potting up the beans so they are still on the to-do list.  Denny is due this morning so I need to have a bit of a blitz tidy especially in the bedrooms which are still in disarray with stuff in the process of being moved from one room to another.  

Well that about it lots to do so I am going to make a start and hope to get ahead of schedule.......
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