Tuesday morning

Good news, I thought I would be posting bad news about Nip but he has perked up and is eating again he even accompanied us for a short walk yesterday and seems to be back to normal after his day of starvation and rest and giving us all a big fright.  

I made a large pot of curry sauce which is in the process of being frozen, sadly I am short of the right size containers so I am freezing in batches and then transferring to poly bags for longer term storage. Lunch was a tuna salad with an accompanying mixed bean salad and supper was some saute potatoes and fried eggs.  Not exactly what the starch based diet recommends but moving in that general direction with the major component of the meal being a starch food and the protein element much less than normal.  Today for lunch I intend to use the last of the curry sauce and serve it with some brown rice and quinoa as a sort of vegetarian curry.  Then supper is going to be a bit of a hit and miss affair as we are expecting to take Sandi and her son to James flat so they can take any of the stuff that is useful to them.  I think he wants the corner black leather sofa which should fit in his van.  The biggest problem is getting it down the flights of stairs.  Much of the flat contents has been assigned to various people but it will be organising to have it removed that will cause the problems then once all that is done it will either be several trips to the tip with the cars stuffed or perhaps organize a skip for 24 hours and dump the rest like that.  

It is sad to see the flat go but it is by far the best for all concerned at the moment it just represents an outlay we can ill afford.  James is a gregarious boy so being confined to a flat 24 hours a day on his own with no job to break the monotony is worse than a prison sentence at least they have other inmate to talk to.  I must admit that I will be pleased to have him home as he is a great help to me around the house.  All the dogs get on fine and it will mean that I can take a break from time to time and he can look after Mike and the dogs.  Similarly he too can take a break and I will look after his dog and Mike so it should work out OK.

The weather looked fine in the morning so I got a machine load of towels out on to the line but as the day wore on it turn very wet and we had buckets of water all afternoon and evening.  Currently it is sunny and as Mark is going to come this morning he should be able to get some work done.  However the weather can change in an instant so who knows.  The dark clouds come rattling in so fast it is difficult to predict what the next 20 minutes has to hold.  In fact in the time it has taken me to type this it has gone from sunny to deep dark overcast cloud and looks like rain.  

My memory foam mattress topper arrived yesterday so last night was like sleeping on a cloud and so much more comfortable than the rather hard mattress that is on the bed.  We are still betwixt and between bedrooms but once we have James nice big TV moved over he can move into the big bedroom and I can move my stuff out of it.  There will need to be a bit of furniture shuffling but hopefully that will not take long then we can all settle into our respective domains.  With each of us having our own rooms to retire to hopefully none of us will feel over crowded in the house.  

Well that about it for today time to get going and sort out the remaining curry sauce which is perfuming the whole house!!!!
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