Tuesday morning

The philadelphus is covered in bright yellow leaves and soon it will be wreathed in white flowers with the same sort of perfume as orange blossom hence the common name of mock orange.

Can you believe the weather at last some lovely warm sunshine and on a Bank holiday as well, how very unusual it normally rains.  I actually managed to do a bit of gardening and I did clean out the pond pump and fountain so that is now running smoothly.  

Fortunately I had prepped the vegetables, stuffing and gravy for the roast so when Margaret rang and asked if she could see Denzil before he leaves on Thursday we jumped in the car and drove over to visit.  We didn't stay very long as the oven was on and waiting for the pork but it is nice to be able to put a face to a name as they had never met before.  It was a relatively small piece of pork so there was not much left.  I put James portion on a plate and he had that when he came home around 8pm.  Our meal was a bit later than usual so none of the rest of us felt much like supper so it was another toast fest.  The asparagus will do nicely for lunch today so all I need to think about is supper.  The wonderful Denny is due this morning so the house will get a good going over and hopefully I can get the laundry underway bright and early.  

James is going to run me to the eye clinic this morning as my eye, with the new lens, is playing up a bit and I would be happier if they had a look at it.  Knowing that they often want to dilate your pupil to look at the eye I think it is safer if James drives.  I hope it is nothing serious but it has been playing up for a week or so and I think someone should look at it in case.  They did say to come back to them if I had any problems so that is where I intend to start.  Much will depend on the outcome hopefully it is nothing and will not disrupt the day too much.  

Well thats about it for this morning the sun is not up yet but I can see a that the sky is cloudy so maybe the good weather is over and the rain is on its way as forecast.

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