Thursday morning

        curly parsley    greek basil     coriander                        chives        thyme        flat leaf parsley

The only two herbs missing from the garden are dill, which I seem unable to grow, and chervil which I seldom use.  Yesterday was a day of constantly changing weather sun, wind, showers, black clouds, and that was in 20 minutes.  Anyway we managed to get the laundry dry in the end so Denzil can take his stuff back clean.   James had rather overdone it on his foot the previous day so he was off dog walking duty and Denzil and I sorted that out.  While we were walking we met a giant blue staffy which looks more like a pit bull but sadly it was completely out of control and while attempting to play with Tubby it ran straight into me hitting me on the knee with his solid bone head leaving me with a nice bruise and a few choice expletives.  The owner seemed oblivious and just stood shouting at the dog who was not listening.  When we did our gundog training we were told that if the dog is not listening you chase it, grab it and explain forcefully that you are talking to it. However this does take a bit of effort on your part.  

Lunch was a lovely carbonara which went down well and for supper we had a nice sirloin steak with some creamed spinach and roasted peppers.  

Today we are going to have a simple lunch of cold cuts and salad and then take Denzil to the station at about 3pm which should get him to heathrow by 7pm ready for his flight at 9.30 pm and he should be home in Thailand in some 13 hours.  Sadly the driving to heathrow is always a risk I have been stuck on it for 4 hours in the past and it only takes one accident and the whole thing comes to a standstill so a bit risky when catching a flight.

Well I am up late and all the men are already up so it is very noisey and I can't concentrate on what I am writing so I will close and be back tomorrow hopefully with my mind on the subject.

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