Thursday Morning

Well it is another dismal grey day with thick dark clouds covering the sky.  We managed to get the dogs out for a walk yesterday between showers but everywhere was so wet they came home soaked but we were largely dry.  Shiona was due over here today but things have conspired against her and she will possibly be coming over tomorrow.  We are also hoping that James flat contents will be picked up tomorrow and once the good stuff has gone we can then set to and clear out the rubbish and get it to the tip.  He has to give 28 days notice so as soon as the paperwork arrives we can get on and get that filled in and sent off.  I think we are all sad that it hasn't worked out but in the end it make economic sense to run just the one property.  Given his health issues and those of Mike it seems sensible that we stick together under one roof and help each other through the difficult times.  After all isn't that what family is about.

My cookery plans went a bit awry yesterday when I opened the packet of Farro it had been ground to a breadcrumb consistency which was no good for the purpose I had in mind so I resorted to rice.  The Farro will no doubt get used in some loaves of bread and I may grind it down further in the thermomix so that it becomes spelt flour and will be easier to use.  I did think of using it rather like semolina but I think it will be too course and hard as a coating material.  I never got round to making the terrine but I did get my bean plants planted out against their canes now I will have to hope that the pigeons don't eat the lot.  The tomato plants are making slow but steady progress in the greenhouse but are quickly getting outstripped by the weeds so I had a bit of a purge in there.

This morning we are have a bit of an experiment with Tubby and his food.  He is a complete gut bucket and bolts his food so fast that he has a large intake of air with each meal this has resulted in a very flatulent dog!!! this morning he has had his breakfast serve with two large pebbles in the bowl to slow him down a bit which had certainly resulted in slower eating now we will have to see if it results in less gas passing through.  They do sell special bowls which are designed to slow the eating process but a couple of rocks in his bowl have had the same effect and cost considerably less. Youtube suggested golf balls but they are just the size for him to swallow so we have swapped them for stones of a larger size.  Anyway fingers crossed that we will have solved the rather smelly problem.

My plans for today have been rather scuppered so I will have to have a rethink.  James has had a sleepless night but he has his EMDR treatment at lunch time today and he will no doubt be poleaxed following that.  I have the lamb stew ready to go for lunch and I just need to add some spuds and peas and lunch will be ready.  Then I think I will leave supper until later when I know how many of us there are for that meal.

Have a good day all even if it is a bit grim...................

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