Thursday morning

Alliums in the sunshine

Yesterday was a normal sort of a day Shiona arrived as usual about 10am just after James had left for his EMDR session.  After a coffee and a quick chat we headed off for Aldi where she had a major restock and I grabbed a few bits and bobs.  That done it was home to cook the lunch well the chicken at least as I had already made the kohlrabi gratin which was rather nice.  I also set too and made a chiffon cake which took no time at all as with two of us it only took minutes to make.  I beat the egg whites and made the meringue part while Shiona did the yolks and sugar bit then it was a case of amalgamating the two bowls of egg mixture into the ring mould tin and into the oven it went.  25 minutes later it was cooked and out cooling upside down on a funnel.  Because it is so light it cools very quickly and we were able to fill the centre with whipped cream and raspberries and eat it for dessert.  

We had just finished lunch when James returned and though we had plated a portion for him he was in no mood to eat and went straight to bed and slept soundly until nearly 5pm.  This was when the weather finally broke and the rain started, it had been threatening for two day.  The garden was in desperate need of drink so I was not unhappy to see the rain and my washing was all done and dry so it was no problem to me. 

This morning the wind is blowing hard and there are black clouds travelling at high speeds across the sky so I think we may be in for another day of showers.  I did accomplish one good thing yesterday I cleaned my ovens which is one of my least favourite jobs and one I have to brace myself to do.  I think it is one of those jobs that you put off but by doing that it only gets worse and makes the job even worse.  If only I were disciplined enough to do it on a regular basis I'm sure it would be a less onerous job.  

Well that about it for this morning I am feeling very tired as I missed my afternoon siesta yesterday so I may try to get a bit more sleep now before the house wakes up.

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