Thursday Morning

Wisteria venusta if only you could smell the perfume!

Yesterday morning started out with really thick mist and looking pretty bleak but as the sun got higher in the sky so it burned it all off and we were left with a lovely day.  James had had a miserable night so we left him to sleep and took the dogs out for a nice run round the rugby field which was in some disarray as they have lots of lorries on the fields and seem to be putting in some sort of drainage.  That done, the next chore was to get the tomato plants into the greenhouse.  I also planted up some borlotti beans and some very long green beans - I think they are called dragon beans in Asia - anyway we will have to see how they do.  At the moment they are in the potting shed as they need 20ºC to germinate and as yet I have no structure to plant them against.  I think I will need a couple or three wigwams of canes as both beans are climbers.

Much to my surprise the laundry dried outside on the line however I don't think we will be so lucky today as the forecast is for lots of rain.  As it is the first of the month I have a nice list of chores to do but if it is raining the pond pumps will have to wait.  The fish are beginning to come to the surface and demand feeding so I guess it is time to start with a bit of food for them.  We don't normally feed the fish when the water temperature is under 10ºC.

The 6 weeks of Denzils visit is all but over and I must admit I will really miss him when he goes back to Thailand.  He has been a great help with Mike and had taken some of the load from my shoulders but soon we will be back to normal and I will have to take back full responsibility.  Talking of Mike he is much better in himself these days but is pretty fed up waiting for his surgery.  Still Friday will see his pre-assessment at the hospital so fingers crossed that all goes well for that.  Once that is over we still have a month to wait for the operation and as you know so much can happen in one month.

I have given up waiting for the NHS to sort out James PTSD so I have booked him an EMDR [Eye movement desensitization and reprocessingsession on Saturday and let's hope that this will help with the nightmares and flashbacks.  This treatment has shown great success in putting disturbing memories back where they belong in the memory rather than at the forefront of the mind. As far as James is concerned we have been left to sort things out for ourselves since day one so that is what we are doing.   

Today I have a chicken out of the freezer but as yet have not decided what to do with it.  There are endless possibilities and no doubt something will spring to mind.

Have a good day all even if it is a bit on the wet side.......

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