Sunday morning

Very late this morning as I had a terrible night and finally fell asleep around 3am so I am now all confused.  Yesterday was a day of two halves the morning was dry but very overcast and then in the afternoon it poured with rain and we even had some thunder.  We shot out and did a bit of shopping in the morning and I bought more of the venison burgers from Aldi and a piece of pork fillet which we will have for lunch today.  I made a jumbo salad nicoise for lunch and then for supper we had spaghetti carbonara.  Any hopes I had of doing some laundry were soon dashed when I saw the weather so the pile is just getting higher and higher.

Before the rain started I picked a nice bunch of roses from the garden as I knew the rain would give them a real battering so I might as well enjoy then in the house.  

Today looks rather the same as yesterday with some very dark clouds passing overhead but at present it is dry so we will need to get out with the dogs before the weather changes.  So far we have managed to dodge the showers and haven't had a soaking but our luck can only hold out for so long.  Anyway at least the garden is enjoying the sun and showers mix and at least I am not having to do much watering yet.  However it is very easy to forget to water the greenhouse which of course does not benefit from the rain.

Today is going to be a nice quiet day just pottering and dog walking, at some point I need to get a coat of varnish on my outdoor furniture which is looking a bit sad but that can wait until the weather is a bit more stable.  But today might be a good day to plant out my beans while the ground is nice and moist.  

Anyway this is not buying the baby a bonnet so I had better get underway as I am so late in starting and the longer I leave it the more chance I have of getting soaked.  I hope the mixed weather has not put too much of a dampener on your plans for the weekend and that you don't have a barbeque planned!!!!

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