Sunday Morning

Up much later this morning after a very good nights sleep last night - I seem to get progressively more tired then have a big sleep and regain some lost ground.  We successfully moved the huge sofa from James flat and while the men did that I collected up all the contents of the fridge freezer and unplugged it and left it open to the air.  My freezer is now stuffed with all that stuff but that is fine as there were several containers of bolognese sauce and boxes of meatballs so we can motor through those this week.  

I made another chiffon cake the centre of which I filled with cream and raspberries - did I get a chance of a photo - no it got eaten by all and sundry in moments.  It is so light you really feel you are not eating anything bad if you exclude the cream!!!!  I believe there are special tins for making it in but my savarin mould did the job quite well.
Correct tin with the tabs to allow it to cool upside down.  I just upended my tin on funnel and allowed it to cool that way.

Anyway if you fancy here is the recipe

3 eggs
60g sugar
60g flour
3g baking powder

Divide the eggs between two bowls and beat the whites until stiff then gradually add the 30g of the sugar as for meringue.

Beat the yolks with the other 30g sugar until light and fluffy then fold in the the flour and baking powder. At this stage I added some lemon zest but you can use any flavouring you choose.  Combine the contents of both bowls trying not to lose too much air.

Bake at 170ºC for 15 minutes then down to 160ºC for a further 10 minutes.  Once cooked invert the tin on something to allow air to circulate.  

PS do not grease the tin the mixture needs to climb up the tin but comes away when cool.

It seems to be a fairly fool proof recipe and according to my friend it also freezes but I have not yet managed to one as far as the freezer.

The weather looks gorgeous so have a lovely day all.......
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