Sunday morning

Well winter is back with a vengeance it is blowing a gale and we had loads of rain yesterday.  The sky looks dark and ominous so I guess we are in for another miserable day weather wise.  Yesterdays trip to the hospital was almost a pleasure as the place is all but closed at the weekend it is easy to negotiate and as the clinic was mopping up outstanding work they were cracking through it at speed. James had his treatment and came home shattered so went straight to bed after his lunch and slept soundly until 7pm.  The treatment is very taxing on his emotions and left him completely drained. Still let's hope that it is doing the job and that he will see some benefit from it.

As we had finished off the minestrone for lunch I rustled up a chicken curry for supper with some meat that was in the freezer for making a pie but it worked well with the curry sauce added and a pot of brown rice made for a decent meal.  Both James and I like our food quite spicy but Mike hates any form of chilli so I have to syphon off a portion for him before adding the chilli to the remainder.  I am now out of curry sauce in the freezer so it is time to make another batch as it is so useful.  

Today we are going to wrap up warm and dry and take the dogs for a good run no matter what the weather.  It is not cold but very windy so the woods are off limits.  I have had a very near miss with a huge branch falling close to me on a windy day so I now avoid the woods when it is blowing hard.  

As you can see my orchids are doing well and I am really pleased that I have managed to keep them over the winter and get them back into bloom.  There are loads of buds just waiting to burst so all is going well.  

As yet I haven't given lunch a thought so that is first on the list this morning a quick trawl through the freezer should hopefully give me some inspiration.  I could quite fancy some lamb chops but as I know we don't have any it may require a trip to the shops.  I have all the vegetables but no meat so I may call in to the butcher at Dobbies.  I could also pick up the ingredients for the curry sauce and make a batch of that to replace my freezer stock.  It is a day for staying indoors I think so once the dogs are walked we will not be venturing out again.
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