sunday morning

So who is a lucky girl then - the sun is shining and the sky is clear so my shooting expedition should be fine.  The barn dance went off very well for me as I managed to muscle my way into the catering which left Shiona free to meet and greet her guests.  On the menu was either chili con carne, chicken casserole or pasta with aubergine tomato and mozzarella.  We boiled loads of rice to accompany things and there was the usual salads and french sticks.  There were 60 people so the catering department was at full stretch serving both the main course and the desserts.  Sadly the village hall kitchen had no hot water as the heating was not on so washing up was done using a big water urn that heated gallons.  Fortunately they have a nice range cooker with lots of oven space so we were able to heat the mains while we boiled tons of rice.  There were not too many leftovers but I have come home with a tray of pasta and big bowl of rice.  I got home close to midnight and then realised that I had infact forgotten to feed myself but the lads had left me a portion of kedgeree so I managed about half as I was pretty tired.  My four footed friends helped me out and I think the big bowl of rice will make its way into their food over the next few days.  Dogs love rice and it is the meal of choice if they are not well they get put on rice and chicken.  Poor Shiona kept saying that she had not invited me to work but I told her in no uncertain terms that I was ecstatically happy where I was.  I must admit an industrial dishwasher would have been a good idea but when I left there were only the glasses left to do.  

Time I got myself going now and had some breakfast then it is off to Challock to the shoot and then home via the wonderful food emporium in Faversham for some odds and ends I couldn't get yesterday and also a quick call at the farm shop for some asparagus.  The pasta dish I brought home will do for lunch so I don't have to worry about that.  James is out visiting a friend and taking Tubby with him so he should have a fun day my dogs will be having a well deserved rest from the small child........

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