Saturday Morning

Good morning all what a gorgeous start to the day the sun is shining the sky is clear it is a bit chilly at 11ºC but who cares if the sun is shining.  I had to put in this photo of the first ever flower on a clematis I put in years ago which has been consistently covered by next doors vine.  They have stripped away most of the vine and at last my side of the fence is getting a bit of light and the plants are beginning to flower.  

As you can see the smoked salmon terrine worked out really well it could have done with a bit longer in the fridge to set a bit more solidly but we were too keen to give it a try.  We ate about half of it with hot toast for lunch and the remainder will be on the lunch menu for today but with a nice array of salads.  I put it all in a 1lb loaf tin double lined with cling film so it came out very easily.  This works well with the asparagus but if that is out of season I don't see why it will not work with another vegetable - red peppers spring to mind.  The filling is very easy with just a few ingredients of cream cheese, butter and cooked salmon with the addition of lemon juice and chives.

The move of all the white goods from James flat went well and but he is in agony today from running up and down the stairs so he will be having a foot resting day.  I can't believe today is Saturday as I was quite convince it was Saturday yesterday.  A young lady rang wanting to buy the Smart car and has arranged to come today and possibly drive it away as she is willing to pay in cash. However, I did email her with further details and enquire what time she thought she might arrive and have heard nothing since so who knows if she is still intending to come.  It would be an answer to a prayer if it were to happen but I am not banking on it.  

Today I am going to play in the kitchen I have the ingredients to make some scotch eggs but with quail eggs which I have left to age so that they are easier to shell.  I have some lovely Old Spot sausage meat and some black pudding which I intend to mix with it before wrapping the eggs then pane and deep fry.  However, with this gorgeous weather I will also have to find some time to get out with the beasts.  Tubby continues to be almost gas free since the addition of the stones to his dinner plate so that looks like a very successful trick, thank you Youtube!!!

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