Saturday Morning

The rain has freshened up the garden but the temperatures have stayed quite low.  We got out early with the dogs and as luck would have it the tide was in so Tubby had a go at getting in the water but only up to his chest.  This is one area where Basso will be no help to him as he hates swimming and only ever paddles.  

The butternut squash curry was OK and to it I added a handful of foraged sea beet which grows in abundance along the banks of the estuary.  I find it quite impossible to pass by free food and not make some use of it.  I looked longingly at the elderflowers and though I should make some elderflower cordial but then who is there to drink it.  For supper we had a venison burger [Aldi] with melted emmental cheese and a fried egg.  So I guess a cheeseburger without the bun.  Although it threatened to rain we never actually got any but I am sure that is because we stayed indoors. Had we gone out it would have rained for certain. It is not that I am a pessimist you understand!!!!  this is the voice of experience.  It has just this second started to rain so it looks like the usual hit and miss sort of a weekend.

I had completely forgotten that it was a bank holiday and I have made no preparations but as the shops are open all the time anyway it makes little difference.  I had in mind for today to make a salad nicoise as I have some nice frozen fresh tuna.  With a few Jersey royals and some lettuce and green beans and a few other ingredients it should make a nice meal.  Although the weather lends itself more to a hearty stew and dumplings. 

In answer to your question Joy, yes I still say "home James and don't spare the horses", as it happens I have a James but no horses.  

Now here is a crazy conundrum for you.  It is time to re insure the car so I thought it would make sense to have Mike removed from the insurance as he is unlikely to drive again and have James added. But guess what? It is going to cost me an extra £100 to have a good young driver replace a dangerous old one. Insurance companies are crazy.  Anyway, I will make it a point of principle to point this out to them and may even go as far as sending them a letter to that effect.  That way it will have to go on file not that it will make a blind bit of difference.  They must really hate us old farts who have the time to nit pick and point out their idiocy.  The company in question is Direct Line so today I will have a trawl around and see if I can get a better deal somewhere else.  

It has now stopped raining so I am going to risk a load or two of washing and hope that it brightens up later.  
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