Saturday Morning

Snowballs in summer 

The viburnum looks really lovely covered in these perfect snowballs sadly it is also covered in black fly on the new growth but nothing that my secateurs cannot fix.  

Mark came and had a good tidy up in the garden.  My garden umbrella had seen better days so that was dismantled and some of the metal was put out for the rag and bone men who regularly patrol up and down the road.  The actual umbrella part, without the cloth cover, has made an interesting stake for one of the clematis.  

Things were a bit chaotic here and lunch ended up being soup and toast.  I was feeling a bit ropey but set to and made the chiffon cake which I flavoured with lemon - there is none left - so I guess that is what you would call a success.  I didn't have the correct tin for it so I used a savarin mould which worked quite well.  I think it would be really lovely with fresh raspberries and some whipped cream but even on its own it was very tasty.  Having demolished the cake we none of us felt much like supper so that got put on hold and will no doubt be lunch today.  

This afternoon we are starting the heartbreaking job of dismantling James flat and getting rid of all his stuff.  The cooker and washing machine which are brand new are already spoken for and we are hoping that Sandy's son will take his leather sofa and the new double mattress.  Anyway fingers crossed that we can find homes for much of the stuff.  What is left will have to go to the tip as my house is pretty stuffed with a whole life times gear.  He has already brought over his big TV and other electrical stuff and we are setting it all up in the front bedroom which has plenty of storage once I have gone through the wardrobes and thrown out loads of clothes I will never wear.  

I am going to go back to bed and try to get a bit more sleep 3am is a bit too early even for me!!!!!!  

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