Saturday morning

Yesterday went according to plan I made the bread base for some pizza which were then liberally doused with mozzarella and tomato and some slices of salami then 10 minutes in a 300ÂșC oven saw them lovely and crisp with no soggy bottoms.  A large pot of minestrone was quietly bubbling away and that did us for supper.  It may well do us for lunch today as well as we are all out and about this morning.  Mike is going for his echo and James for his EMDR.  The weather is really filthy and pouring with rain at the moment so hot soup will be welcome.  Fortunately we had managed to get all the laundry dry and back in doors before the rain started.  The bedding is all done, all that is left are the towels and I am happy to put them through the tumble dryer.  

The house seems very empty without Denzil but I'm sure we will get used to it soon. He emailed as soon as he got back so we were happy that he had had a good trip and got home safely.  He now has a week to get over his jet lag before going back to work.  

My eye is improving every day and the hot compresses and drops have helped but I am sure a good dose of tears also helped to clear all the ducts.  

We are now trying to decide how to go about rearranging the upstairs James has gone back to a double bed and I have reverted to my single but the new mattress is very firm so I have ordered a thick memory foam topper to ease that a bit.  The time I spent in the front bedroom was not to my taste as I like plenty of air and even with all the windows open the room felt stuffy.  The small room has a door to the roof which I keep open so the room is cool and airy.  The only disadvantage is that I occasionally get wet if the rain and wind are in the wrong direction!!!!!

Well thats about it for today now seems like a good time to get the ironing out of the way so that is where I will start.  Have a good day all even if the weather is not much fun................

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