Saturday Morning

Bit late this morning I had a particularly bad night and finally got to sleep around 3am which was not so good.  Still today looks like a better day weather wise as yesterday we had dark ominous clouds with made it feel like late evening all day.  It rained twice, once when we went to the hospital and once when we left.  The pre assessment was a bit of a drag and once we got to talk to the anaesthetist he was not happy with Mike and wanted his heart looked at first so I went scurrying around with forms trying to book an echocardiogram which I have succeeded in booking for next Saturday morning so hopefully they will have time to look at the results before the 9th of June deadline.  The surgeon who is doing the surgery only works on a Monday so he will lose two days this month which doesn't help matters much.

The boys had got us some pasties for lunch and the fishmonger had delivered the salmon as requested which I poached and we had cold with mayo and a plain lettuce salad with hot potatoes put in just before dressing and immediate serving.  You do need a strong lettuce for this and either iceberg or romaine are fine.  It sounds crazy but as the potatoes get coated in the dressing they are almost like french potato salad and the juxtaposition of hot and cold is a revelation.

Today James is having his session of EMDR and as we don't know what to expect I will take him and fetch him.  The session will take between 60-90 minutes so that will give me time to fly round Aldi which is just up the road from the clinic.  I have quite a big shopping list.  It is amazing what one extra mouth to feed does to the basic supplies.  

Then I have really drawn the short straw I am going to put myself in a situation that would never normally do.  I am going to a Barn Dance which Shiona has organised and the only reason I am going is because she is a good friend.  I can't think of anything I would like to do less hence Sandys comment.  The boys have been teasing me mercilessly since they found out.  Anyway I have a mornings shooting to look forward to on Sunday so I will hang on to that.  Shooting is much more my style and I don't seem to mind making a complete chump of myself in those circumstances. Interesting, other forms of public humiliation fill me with horror.

I have one piece of salmon leftover from yesterday so I am going to make a salmon mousse with it as I have got some smoked salmon in the freezer which I made ages ago but it is a bit salty so it will be fine with the other ingredients.  I also have some really lovely natural smoked haddock which is going to make nice kedgeree.  If I prepare all the parts the boys can put it together for supper tonight while I am out being an idiot.

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