Monday morning

Well as it is a bank holiday it is wet! Yesterday was a fine day and great for laundry as there was a stiff breeze blowing.  Over night it has rained and everywhere looks very wet and is still dripping although the rain has stopped the sky is still very overcast.  

The dogs had a lovely run and a paddle in the sea as the tide was well in when we went for our walk. We have just about worked out a route that gives the dogs lots of fun while we don't walk too far for either James foot or poor old Nip who is keen to come but runs out of stream if we go too far.  

Once home with the line full of laundry drying in the breeze I set to to make lunch which was a pork fillet.  I had been mulling around what to do with it as it can end up tough and tasteless.  I had an idea I had bought some alpine sausages [salami type] so I thought I could use one to stuff the fillet.  Once it was trimmed of all the sinew I drilled a hole through the centre with my knife steel and then pushed the salami into the hole.  I seasoned the fillet and basted it with some butter then wrapped it tightly in foil and baked it in the oven for about 30 minutes then left it to rest while I did the vegetables.  The potatoes are the sort that disintegrate when boiled so they ended up as mash and with them we had some lovely young carrots.  The plate could have used a splash of green but you can't have everything. 

As luck would have it the idea worked well and it tasted really rather nice as the pork had some of the salami flavour coming through the meat and it made its own gravy.  Supper made up for some of the missing greenery as it was an assortment of salads with a centerpiece of a tomato stuffed with smoked mackerel pate.

Today I intend to make a big dish of lasagne and to that end I have defrosted several tubs of bolognese sauce.  If I make the bechamel in the Thermomix then all I have to do is boil off some pasta sheets and assemble the dish ready for the oven.  I must say I prefer to use ordinary sheets of pasta not the type that don't need pre cooking as I find they tend to absorb too much of the sauce and give a rather dry finish.  They work fine if you make a very wet bolognese sauce but as mine isn't I had better stick with what I know works.  I could really use a big green salad to accompany the dish but I am clean out of lettuce so I may have to dash out to the shops.  It is quite handy as I usually take the dogs in the car for their walk and so swinging past the shops on the way back is not big deal and I can pick up any odds and ends I need.  It does however make me a very lazy shopper as I can run my supplies down to the bare minimum.

I put my car insurance search on hold but will start again tomorrow when the world is back to normal as I have until the middle of June to find a company that will insure the car for a reasonable price.  

Now here is a piece of interesting news Shiona and I have booked ourselves into the British Larder for a cookery demonstration and lunch for £20 per head.  We arrive at the pub/restaurant at 11am for homemade lemonade then the demo followed by lunch.  They run these sessions several times a year but only have 12 places so we have booked ourselves in for one in July one in September and one in October. I must admit I am most interested in the October one which is game orientated and as I have loads of pheasants/partridges over the winter any recipe ideas would be most welcome.  

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