Monday morning

What a glorious day it was yesterday with wall to wall sunshine and lovely warm temperatures.  We got out with the dogs bright and early before it got too warm and then doubled back via Tesco where we bought some bits for making a mexican lunch of tortillas and salsa.  Then it was on with a bit of carpentry as the cable for James TV was actually located inside a built in cupboard and we needed to get it out which meant sawing out a section of wood.  That done we managed to get all the tech stuff up and running.  I took myself off for a visit with my elderly neighbour she is in her 90's but as bright as a button.  However, she does get very depressed that she can no longer do what she wants as her body has packed up on her.  She has a doting son who lives with her and takes very good care of her so she feels guilty as she knows that she is very lucky.  Sadly even when your rational mind tells you things your heart doesn't necessarily believe it.  I know this as I frequently tell myself how lucky I am but I still get fed up with my lot.  Her eyes are getting bad so reading is difficult and I suggested that perhaps audiobooks would be a good idea.  What I must do is remember to pay her a visit more often which will break the monotony for both of us.  I love chatting to her as she has had a very interesting life as she was married to a diplomat and gave birth to each of her 4 children in different country.  

Today I am going to look at selling the Smart car online via autotrader we took some pictures yesterday so all I need is to upload the details and then wait and hope.  I also need to pot up my bean plants which have outgrown their tray and need more soil before hardening off and planting out.  I have also been very remiss and not watered my orchids so they too need some attention.  I made a large pot of odds and ends soup yesterday so that will do for lunch and supper can be some meatballs that I retrieved from James freezer.

According to the weather forecast we are due for rain today but at the moment it looks lovely with blue sky and little white fluffy clouds.  I think I will risk it and get a load of washing on and out on the line before the weather turns.

Have a good day all.........
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