Monday morning

What a grotty weekend weather wise.  Yesterday was another blustery cold and wet day.  Nip has been very under the weather and so stayed at home while we took the other dogs for a walk.  He just lay listlessly on the floor and refused any food.  He is however drinking so if he is no better this morning it will be a trip to the vet.  I left him last night sleeping in an armchair with Mike but he has disappeared from there so I guess he will have made his way upstairs to share with James and the other dogs.  He is nearly 14 years old which is a good age for a dog - I believe you multiply by 7 to get and equivalent age which make him 98 so he is a very old man.  Anyway we will see how he is when everybody is up and awake.  

We were late getting out with the dogs so lunch was the quickest and easiest ever. We just had some fresh tagliatelle with lots of butter, parmesan and a good grating of pepper.  If you like pasta this is a dish I can recommend very simple but tasty and if you serve it with a nice green salad it makes an adequate meal.  We had picked some nice sea beat while we were walking the dogs and so I cooked that in the remains of some bacon fat with a little chopped onion and it was really delicious not to mention free.  Supper was also a bit a mishmash smoked salmon trimmings, a packet of prawns and a big handful of asparagus all served cold with some mayonnaise. 

I forgot to get some coriander so the curry sauce got put on hold though I have some growing in the window box there is nowhere near enough to cut for the sauce so that will have to wait until today when I can get some.  I have also stocked up on tinned beans of all varieties with a view to moving us in the direction of a starch based diet.  I think it would be too traumatic to move straight to this form of diet as it has no dairy, no oils, no meat or fish which is a bit harsh for us omnivores.   However, lunch today will include a large bean salad and a pot of bean/lentil soup will probably be our supper. We are allowed brown bread, brown pasta, potatoes and brown rice all of which I have no problem with. The bit that fills me with horror is not being able to fry the onions first when making soups etc. Boiled onions have a completely different flavour so I will start by omitting this part of the diet and see how we get on.  All vegetables are allowed so I am quite happy with that.

At the moment I am feeling very lethargic so I hope a bit of a change of diet might spark my interest and get me going a bit.  May be I am just tired who knows but I do feel I need a firm kick up the backside.  Any volunteers?

Have a good day all........

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