Monday morning

Yesterday was a lovely day weather wise but it didn't start that way for us as we were deep in the dark woods shooting and it was freezing.  The early sun couldn't penetrate the canopy of leaves so it stayed really cold at ground level.  Then when we left the road was closed by the police so I guess there had been an accident or incident so we were forced to go almost into Canterbury then back out again.  We called in at the wonderful shop and bought our asparagus from them and a few bits and pieces that were needed.  Then it was back home for our lunch.  I had left Mike's on a plate for him to pop in the microwave and we did the same with ours then it was off for a nap.  I slept really well and when we woke none of us felt much like supper so Mike had a couple of pain au chocolat  and Denzil and I had nothing but a cup of tea though I did have a couple of slices of toast around 10pm when I finally felt a bit peckish.

James and Tubby had spent the day at his flat with his friend and as they are not here I guess they stayed the night which is certainly more sensible than driving home tired.  I have been watching some of the TED lectures from YouTube using my Chromecast so it is easy to watch on the TV.  One of the sessions was by a neuroscientist who discussed sleep and sleep deprivation and the effect both have. He also dispelled the myth that older people need less sleep.  They actually need the same amount of sleep it just gets broken into smaller chunks.  Well I am a prime example and I am sure that I get enough sleep just spread over the day differently.  Then I watched one about sugar and the obesity crisis.  Because it is a subject that interests me I already knew that the statistics about sugar are really frightening and for those who eat processed food it is all but impossible to avoid.  There are 56 names under which sugar is hidden on food labels so what hope has the poor housewife got.  From my perspective the only remedy is to reduce the amount of processed food you eat and replace it with the real thing.  A 2lb bag of sugar lasts several months in our house as I use it extremely sparingly.  We seldom eat sweets and desserts and we don't have fizzy drinks or fruit juices.  However, I am no saint and I am sure we get our fair share in other items like tomato ketchup etc.  There are occasions when I really crave something sweet but fortunately they are few and far between.  

The plan for today is to roast a small loin of pork joint for lunch which we will have with some spring greens and potatoes, then for supper it will be loads of asparagus to dunk in soft boiled eggs helped down with some hot buttered toast.  The weather looks like it is going to be gorgeous and sunny though it is still quite cold.  I bought a nice chilli plant yesterday so that is going in the greenhouse this morning and with any luck I will have a small crop of chillies of my own later in the year.  I usually have some in the freezer and provided you chop them while still frozen they work quite well.  

Well that is the plan now all I have to do is execute it!!!!!
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