Thursday morning

If your garden is full of weeds then send a dog to do the weeding.  Tubby came in from the garden wearing a complete jacket of "sticky willy", sadly I didn't quite get the camera in time to get the full effect but as you can see his colleagues were quite impressed with his efforts.  As it turned out my plans to go shooting got put on hold and instead I organised my bedroom which was no mean feat as I had to dismantle my TV cabinet and needed a hammer and hacksaw to remove some of the transformers anyway it got done even with my Heath Robinson carpentry. 

 When I went to put out the garden waste I had to move the smart car a few inches to get the bin out of the garage and guess what it wouldn't start the battery was completely flat so it was a case of getting the RAC to replace it and another £80 down the tubes but now at least it is running smoothly and we must remember to start it up at least once a week until we have time to sell it.  

A trip to Aldi was needed for milk eggs and a few odds and ends but I was astonished at the check out.   The lady in front of me had a trolley full of rose` wine and vodka.  I made a comment that it looked like they were going to have a good party but then she told me that they owned a pub and it was cheaper to buy the booze from Aldi than it was from the brewery and she was stocking up her cellar.  How crazy is that!!!

The weather yesterday was lovely but with all the other mayhem I didn't get out with the dogs so that is my top priority this morning.  Nip was off his food again but did eventually eat his supper very late in the evening.  I think I may try him on some different food as he seems to have gone off the current biscuits.  I am wondering if he has trouble with his teeth and needs softer food so I may put him on tinned stuff and see if that makes any difference.  I have to go to the dog food shop today anyway so I will have a look and see what is available for him.  I also need to buy some food for the fish who are complaining that they are not being fed!!!

Well that is the plan for today and who knows I may even complete it today it seems that all my plans this week have been scuppered by one thing or another anyway we will try again today.................

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