Friday morning

And now we are three.  Denzil left at about 3pm but I am not expecting an email to say that he his home well and safe until about 10am this morning.  I managed to keep my emotions under control until he was out of sight then the tears flowed - oh I do hate goodbyes.  On a positive note over all the disasters and mayhem of the last few years I have not shed a tear the only emotion I could muster was murderous anger and I was beginning to think I was no longer capable of sadness but it is still there under all the mess and good wash through of the dry eye did it no harm.  None of us felt much like supper so it was every man for himself the house is full of food so there was plenty to choose from.  

Today I think I am going to set to and make a minestrone soup as I have loads of vegetables which need to be used up. At the moment the weather looks fine and sunny but according to the weather forecast it going to be a very wet 72 hours.  The wind is quite blustery and the clouds are racing across the sky.

James and I had a shuffle round of the beds last night and I slept well back in my small room but the new bed is a bit on the hard side for me and I woke with an aching back this morning so I think I need to get a nice memory foam topper for it before it will be comfortable for me.  So to that end I am going to look up on the internet and find one and get it sent post haste.  Meanwhile it is a case of stripping off all the beds and changing the linen.  We may also take a trip to James flat and collect some of the personal stuff so we can gradually move him back in here with us.  It has been a hard decision to make but in the end it does seem like the least worst option.  I will have the help I need and he will have the company he needs and we will only be paying out for one lot of electricity gas etc. It will also free up the flat for someone who really needs it.  

Tomorrow is going to be chaos as James has his first EMDR session of 90 minutes after which he will need 4 hours of peace and quiet.  Meanwhile I have to take Mike to the hospital for his echocardiogram so I guess lunch will be a moveable feast hence the soup which people can help themselves to as and when required.  I also have plenty of bread and cold meats so we will be clearing up for the next few days. 

It is now a case of settling down back into a routine which for the last 6 weeks has been a bit of mess anyway onward and upward time to get the soup underway and maybe get some laundry out before the weather changes for the worst.
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