Friday Morning

Sambucus nigra {black elder}
Yesterday was a sort of nothing type day some friends popped in for coffee on their way to B&Q to buy a replacement plant for one that was stolen from their front garden.  James had his treatment and was not quite as poleaxed as on previous occasions so I am hoping that this is a good sign.  

In the photo is the black elder bush behind the pond which because it has black leaves has pink panicles of flowers rather than the normal white, which I think looks very attractive but sadly like most plants the flowering season is short.  I eventually plucked up the courage to check on the bean plants and was delighted that the pigeons have left them alone.  I managed to get a batch of towels out on to the line and then a quick whiz in the tumbler and they were done.  We did get the odd glimmer of sunshine but it was largely overcast with odd bits of drizzle.

This morning I have awakened with a mortally stiff neck so I guess I must have slept awkwardly so breakfast is going to be paracetamol and  black coffee.  James is off early to his flat as the people who are going to take much of the white goods and some of the furniture are coming with a van at 10am to collect.  Once this has happened we can get in there and clear the remainder of the stuff which we are hoping will be a couple of car loads to the tip rather than having to hire a skip which would be quite expensive.  I have been collecting cardboard boxes for a while as it will be quite a lot of running up and down stairs so any help is welcome.

Our trick with Tubby's food bowl seems to have done the trick the two large pebbles [tennis ball size] in the plate have slowed him down considerably and we had a largely gas free day, so fingers crossed the problem was swallowing air while gulping his food.  Now he really has to work at getting his food out of the bowl and from between the stones and he has gone from, fed last finish first, to fed last finished last.  

Today I am going to make the smoked salmon terrine as I now have all the required ingredients and both the salmon and the asparagus are cooked and cooled so it will be largely an assembly job.  I'm not sure if it will be lunch or supper much depends on what is happening over at the flat.  In the mean time it will fall to me to walk the dogs who could use a good run as they have been cooped up for a while with the bad weather.

I am now starting to count down the days to Mike operation, 10 days to go.  I will ring the surgeons secretary to find out if all is going ahead as planned but I thought I would wait until the first week of June.  I don't think I could bear the disappointment if they have postponed the date as it has now been 9 months of purgatory with our lives on hold and we could all do with a bit of relief.  The surgery for a hernia repair is not rocket science and anyone who can darn a sock should be able to effect the repair it is the anaesthetic which is the problem so say a small prayer that Mike doesn't catch a cold or chest infection between now and the 9th.  

Well that about it for this morning we are still treading water but hopefully making a bit of headway.  Lets hope the weather picks up for the weekend that will cheer us all up a bit these grey wet days are very depressing.
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