Friday Morning

Yesterday worked out just right for us as we managed to get the dogs out for a nice run first thing while the sun was shining and the rain held off until we had done all the outdoor jobs.  As I had made some stock with the bones of the chicken it seems a good day for a risotto so that is what we had for lunch along with a huge green salad.  Supper was a takeaway kebab which I think is the least worst of the possible takeaways.  After all it is just grilled meat, salad and pitta bread so how bad can that be?

James received a copy of a letter sent from the pain clinic to his GP which read like a fairy story it is so full of mistakes and inaccuracies.  He is happy to just laugh it off but I would have taken a red pen to it and marked it then returned it to the sender.  It claimed that he has had an arthroscopy and various other treatments which are a complete figment of the imagination as you all know they did absolutely nothing by way of treatment.  Just a few more errors to add to the long list we already have.  On a positive note his EMDR is going well and the lady who is doing it is very anti the Metropolitan Police Force as it falls to her to try and pick up the pieces when they have destroyed the lives of their officers and then abandoned them.  At least the military have been made to recognise that they have a duty of care to their employees.

Today the sun is shining and for lunch I am intending to make a butternut squash curry.  The sauce is already made and defrosting so it is just a case of cooking the squash and some rice.  As for supper I don't have a clue yet but no doubt it will be bits and pieces from the fridge and toast.  With the weather this good we will no doubt be out with the dogs for a nice long walk which certainly clears the cobwebs out.  

We are still holding our breath and hoping that Mikes surgery will still happen on June 9th because he is heartily sick of being bed bound but I must admit the thought of him being operated on in that terrible hospital fills me with horror given my previous experiences.  

Anyway fingers crossed that all goes according to plan in the mean time have a great day.
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