Friday Morning

Has summer arrived?  yesterday was a really lovely day warm and sunny.  I fiddled a bit in the garden but didn't accomplish much.  Mark is due today and I expect he will do a better job than I did.  I am hoping he will have made up his mind about the Smart car and if he has decided that he doesn't want it then I will put it on Autotrader and get it sold that way.   

I had a bit of a chat with my Japanese neighbour who has given me a recipe for a nice chiffon cake which I must have a go at as it is very moist but contains no fat and only a small amount of sugar.  It is the sort of cake you can eat with a clear conscience.  Today will have to be a day of salad as I have loads of lettuce in the fridge and I quite fancy a pasta puttanesca for lunch which is nice and easy.  

When I was buying the dog and fish food I bought some tins of Chappie for Nip and guess what he devoured it with great pleasure so maybe his refusal to eat is because he doesn't fancy the biscuits that the others are having.  Normally I am not one to indulge the dogs but given his great age I will make an exception in his case. I am wondering if he has tooth problems anyway the soft food seems to suit him. Both Tubby and Basso are happy to eat anything and everything you put in front of them. Surprisingly Tubby eats as much as Basso despite the disparity in size and weight. 

So far my trick of raising the hosta and giving it a good dose of slug pellets has seemed to do the trick and I have leaves instead of net curtains.

Have a good day all and enjoy the sun if you can.......
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