Friday morning

Yesterday was a really miserable day with loads of rain and pretty cold again.  The last of the laundry was processed through the tumble dryer as there was no chance of drying out of doors.  For lunch I did an Italian chicken dish where you cook the meat on a bed of sliced potatoes and onions.  I don't think it has a particular name but it is a lovely way to cook chicken pieces.  First you lay a layer of thickly sliced potatoes and onions in a roasting tin and give them a good splash of olive oil salt and pepper then whack them in the oven for about 20 minutes then you place the chicken pieces on top with some white wine and a few sprigs of thyme.  After another 20 minutes you add some tomatoes to the tin and go again for 20 minutes.  I didn't have any tomatoes so I added small sweet peppers and chopped  courgette.  It is a lovely meal and all cooked in the same dish in the oven.  This is the sort of dish which is served in motorway service areas where they can cook huge trays of it.  I think it is generally referred to as "pollo al forno" or chicken in the oven.  As I had started with a whole chicken the off cuts and main carcass went into a pot to make some stock and the dogs got a lovely meal from the stock pot leftovers.  Having had such a reasonable lunch we then had fish finger sandwiches for supper a real guilty childhood pleasure.

Today I will be spending most of the morning at Medway maritime hospital while they do a pre- assessment of Mike prior to his surgery.  Personally I think this is a stupid time and money wasting idea as so much can happen to a person in a month. Particularly an elderly patient who already has health problems.  When I was working we used to get patients in a day before surgery to have all the test done then process them for surgery overnight so at least the results of the tests were current.  I think there is every chance that they will want to do Mikes surgery under a regional block rather than a full general anaesthetic given his chest complications.  Anyway not my call, I just hope he gets a decent anaesthetist.  Messed up surgery can usually be put right but a messed up anaesthetic is buried. I will stay with Mike and the boys are going to drop us off and collect us when we are done which is by far the easiest way of dealing with the hospital so I suppose I should be grateful that we live a mere five minutes away.  Getting into the hospital car park at 10am in close to impossible not even the buses and ambulances can get close at that time of the morning and the tail back is well over a mile long.

As the morning is going to be a bit of a mess we have decided to have some cornish pasties for lunch which we can get from the baker and then I will have to think of something decent for supper. I quite fancy some cold poached salmon, mayonnaise and a salad.  I really need to get to the shops as my stock are pretty low at the moment and with the bank holiday looming I need supplies.  I am out on Saturday evening so the men will need something for their supper then on Sunday James is out visiting his friend and Denzil and I will be shooting in the morning.  The shoot takes me virtually past the door of the local asparagus farm so I guess an asparagus feast is in order.  I think things will have to be pretty fluid over the weekend with so much coming and going.  Hopefully the weather is going to be good and not ruin our plans.
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