Wednesday morning

Lots to do today but at least the house is spick and span.  We took the dogs out for a long walk yesterday which gave Deny a free run of the house without any hindrance from the beasts.  Lunch was all but ready and all I had to do was the chops and for supper we simply had a bacon sandwich each. Today I have a chicken to roast which I will do as usual in the halogen oven, however first I have to take a run to Faversham to buy some coffee and I also need to fill the car with diesel ready for our journey.  If I have the time I would like to swing by M&S and restock my underwear which is looking a little tired to say the least.  I had hoped to split these jobs between today and tomorrow but Mikes brother is coming to visit tomorrow morning which rules that out.  I also need to glance over the clothes I intend to take with me and make sure they are all clean.  This time of year is difficult as you need both warm things and cooler things as the weather is pretty unpredictable.  Still one thing is for certain the ball gown and tiara can stay at home as they will not be necessary.  The saving grace of the campsite is that it is all on sand which never turns to mud.  Wet sand turns to dry sand and is easily brushed away.  I must remember to take food for Basso but leave enough behind for the dogs who are not coming.  Nip is going to stay at home as at his great age he doesn't appreciate the walks and frequently refuses to come and besides he can keep Tubby and the boys company.  I think three dogs is quite enough for us to manage in the caravan.

The massive bolognese sauce is in the freezer and today I will take it out of its boxes and vac pack it so it take up less room.  I can also take a pack with us for our first nights supper as we will be pretty tired by the time we are all set up.  Or failing that there is a very nice fish and chip shop close by which could supply our first meal.  

Well that the plan for the day I am going to be pushed to get it all done but no doubt I will and hopefully that will leave me a fairly free day tomorrow when Mikes brother comes.  

Anyway onward and upward have a good day all.......
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