Wednesday Morning

The choisya is a froth of white at the moment and is enjoying the alternating sun and rain.  I had a really lazy day yesterday I got few chores done in the morning but then it poured with rain most of the afternoon so I put my feet up and watched a whole load of garbage on the TV.  The sun is not quite up yet but it looks very murky and misty and the weather forecast is not good.  The load of washing I had done was just ready in time for the rain so it got put through the tumble dryer.  I have more to do but the weather doesn't look hopeful at the moment. 

The corned beef hash went down a storm for lunch, and for supper the boys organised a curry which was lovely as I had nothing to do.  I am trying to make the most of having both sons at home and bracing myself for when it all falls to me again.

Can you believe it was 6 months ago that I got my Bibo machine, well it is, as the new filters have just turned up in the post so that I can change them which will be interesting as I have never had to do this before so I hope it is an idiot proof system.

I think I must get to grips with the tomato plants today as they are looking very leggy and really need to be put in the ground and I can't put it off much longer.  I have given the green house a good soaking on a couple of occasions so I hope it will be a relatively easy job.

While I was being a sloth I watched a lecture via my Chromecast which described a diet which is starch based so I thought we might give that a go for 10 days and see how we get on. This is not a weight loss diet but a different approach to maintaining your health.  I don't intend to start this until after Denzil has left for Thailand.  It strikes me as being rather like a vegan vegetarian diet as it contains no fats or oils no dairy and no meat or fish which basically leave you with vegetables.  It will be a real challenge but I thought I would also keep tabs on the costs as although you need shed loads of stuff it should all be fairly cheap.  I don't think it will tax my cooking ability much as there is largely only one technique BOILING.  What you don't boil you eat raw.  I think it will be quite difficult to inject any flavour into the food but we will have to see when we get there.  There is a full 10 day meal plan on the net together with a comprehensive shopping list.  Anyway I will keep you posted on our progress if we build up enough courage to go ahead and try it.  When I look at the list of forbidden foods it looks like everything I like is on that list.

Well that about it for this morning time to get going with the various chores have a good day all.  

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