Wednesday morning

Yesterday was all a bit of a blur what with Denny doing the house and Mark in the garden a considerable amount of headway was made.  All the washing and ironing has been done and put away with the exception of the huge fleece bed cover which I hope to get to the launderette today.  I went to Aldi and restocked on some basics and I even bought some bread there which was not at all bad.  I am some what out of sync with the bread making and have not yet caught up.  We were expecting Denzil home yesterday but he has decided to stop off and have a day in London on his way home.  So adjustments to the menu were made.  Mike only fancied some hot cross buns for supper so James and I had beans and eggs on toast and the bolognese which is vacuum packed lives on for another day.  

While I was out shopping James took the dogs for a walk and while he was sitting in the car ready to pull away he had the great good fortune to witness the neighbour who gave him such a hard time back his car straight into a tree. "Schadenfreude".  It couldn't have happened to a nicer person.  No real damage was done other than to his pride but it gave James a good laugh.

Mark managed to get the greenhouse dug over and tidied up but it is as dry as a bone in there so today I am going to get the hose in there and give it a good soaking so that it is ready to take my tomato plants which are very leggy and in need of transplanting.  The autumn raspberries should have been cut back some time ago but I am going to get them chopped down if I have the time today and the weather is kind.  

It was my intention to replace the hens when I got back from camping but I think I will wait until after Denzil has gone back to Thailand and things are a bit more settled.  Mike has his anaesthetic assessment on May 2nd at which point we should know if they are happy to go ahead with his surgery come the June 9th so these are two big red letter days on the calendar at the moment.  Denzil leaves on the 8th of May so it is all happening over the next month or so.  

In the culinary department I am going to have a go at roasting some parsnips in a salt crust which I have never done before but having had such a good experience at the British Larder I thought I would give it a go.  No idea what we will have with the parsnips but I am sure I will find something.  If this turns out successfully I will put up the details so you too can give it a try.

Anyway enough planning I am terrifying myself with the list of things that need doing so I will get the bins out and get on with the salt crust.  The sky is clear and blue and it is 9ºC so we may well be in for a nice day.

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