Wednesday Morning

Today is another red letter day Mike has an appointment at the hospital to have his hernia looked at by a consultant surgeon and hopefully will have a place on the waiting list.  However it could be 18 weeks before he is treated which is nearly 5 months!!!!  This is a very long time to be nursing him lying flat most of the time.  Lying down is also the worst position for his chest so I will be looking to make the point to the consultant in the hope of getting things moving a bit more quickly. Anyway fingers crossed that things go smoothly.  The logistics of getting him to the hospital are going to be fun in any case.  

Yesterday, was a glorious spring day with buckets of warm sunshine.  The washing machine was put to good use and everything dried beautifully on the line.  The dogs had a good run around the rugby field which was in a terrible state: following the weekends games the place was covered with litter. There were hundreds of plastic water bottles just scattered far and wide however the dogs assumed that they were toys and had a grand time with them.  The macaroni cheese and a tomato salad was fine for lunch and for supper we had some of the smoked salmon terrine from Aldi which was OK but a bit on the dry side.    Steve came and put the final coat of paint on the wall by the fire and now all we need to do is to rehang the pictures etc.  When I return from my week in the caravan I will be looking to get the carpets cleaned then I think I should be able to sit back and ignore the decor for a few years.
The garden sheds could use a coat of paint but that too can wait for a while perhaps towards the end of the summer I might ask Steve to give them a coat.  As you know this is a job that has usually fallen to me but I will be more than happy to pass it on to someone else.

Today is going to be a bit of a muddle as we have no idea how long we will be at the hospital and I have an appointment to meet Sandy at 1pm in Faversham so I hope things go well and I make it in time.  Lunch will have to be something simple and quick like bacon and egg or perhaps some fish cakes and baked beans.  With both boys at home I can delegate a few chores so I am enjoying a bit of a rest from the daily drudge.  At some point I will have to decide if I am going to restock with hens - I must admit that I do miss them and the lovely fresh eggs.  

Well that about it for this morning hopefully tomorrow will see me a bit happier with Mike sorted out.  In the mean time have a good day all!!!! 
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