Tuesday Morning

Yesterday morning was miserable and wet so I rang the consultants secretary to check Mikes status on the operating list.  Good news is that he is due to have an anaesthetic assessment on 2nd May with a view to the operation on 9th June so that is a time frame we can live with.  It will make a big difference to him to be less bedridden and able to walk around a bit more.  However, it would be pointless to move the bed back upstairs as they will still present a big problem to him.  Anyway we are now well equipped for life on the ground floor.

As you can see Tubby has made himself at home and thinks it kind of us to provide a kingsized bed for him to snooze on.  The dogs are not normally allowed on the beds but they have been know to sneak in when you are not looking.

Yesterday we had an interesting lunch of dough balls with crab pate, smoked salmon and some char grilled artichokes.  The dough balls were commercially made but as I was in the process of bread making I thought it would be a simple task to make small balls of bread dough to use as canapes.  The lamb I had ready for last nights supper was left in the fridge as none of us really fancied it so it will be todays lunch.  I have been trying to organised food for the men who are being left behind and also to take some bits and pieces with me for my holiday.  These picnic pate from Aldi are great for a snack lunch or tea.

In the slow cooker I have sufficient bolognese sauce for an army which I will divide out into individual portions and vac pack once frozen.  

Today the wonderful Deny is due so we will need to have a bit of a tidy round so she can clean then we will take the dogs out for a run so that they are not under her feet.  The sky looks clear and the wind has died down so it should be pleasant walking.  Well time is marching on and I need to get on with the jobs rather than write about them.  Have a good day all......
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