Tuesday morning

What a lovely day yesterday was the weather was just perfect for my taste it was sunny and warm with a gentle wind blowing down at the river.

James and I took the the dogs for a nice walk.  We are so lucky we have acres of public space to walk the dogs which ranges from a formal public park to the rambling acres of land flanking the river and inland we have the wooded crest of the north downs all of which offer good dog walking country with well maintained paths.  

We doubled back via Aldi where I bought some scallops prepared in the half shell in a white wine sauce.  They were £2.99 for 4 which made a very nice lunch and for supper we had some pasta bolognese with a nice green salad so another nice easy day in the kitchen.  Today I rather fancy some corned beef hash for lunch  and supper will have to be something on toast.

OK I am keeping it short this morning as it is very early so I am going to try and get a couple of hours more sleep before I really get going seriously with the day.

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