Tuesday morning

Up a bit earlier this morning but I have a busy day ahead.  I finally got all the laundry done and finished it is all ironed and ready to put away.  I was very lucky as the day was bright and sunny until late afternoon when we were treated to a major downpour.  By then all the laundry was dry and in being ironed so escaped the deluge.  As it was a day of labour lunch was just a mushroom risotto and a big green salad then for supper a bunch of chipolatas were made into sausage sandwiches and that was supper.  Today looks equally busy as we are due to have Denny visit and though we have managed to keep the house pretty tidy I know it will be much cleaner once she has passed her magic wand over it.  I am also expecting Mark the gardener to come at 8am and he will need a quick tour of the garden which is in desperate need of some attention.  My neighbour has some sort of climber which is a total hooligan and completely swamps my plants it takes quite a bit of work to keep the thing under control.  It behaves like a russian vine but with a small purple flower and cascades over the fence removing the light from the plants on my side of the fence.  Fortunately Mark has an industrial hedge trimmer which makes short work of it.  The bluebells are out and I have three colours white, blue and pink but they too are hooligans and almost impossible to remove as their bulbs are so deep down.  I don't mind a few but they do multiply at a rate of knots and if left unchecked would soon take over the garden.  They have been here since we moved in and try as I might I have only managed to keep them under control but not eradicated.

Now here is an interesting discovery our dogs are normally fed on dry biscuits for working dogs [therefore no VAT] but we had run out so over the holiday weekend they have had tinned dog food from the local shop which is always open.  Since this change in diet we have to have the windows open as they have turned into gas producing machines.  Of course they are oblivious to the noxious gas clouds but we have suffered!!!!  So on my todo list is to restock with their normal food and put pay to the methane fill rooms.

As things are going to be busy this morning I have taken out a packet of bolognese sauce from the freezer and all that will be required for lunch is to boil a bit of pasta, grate some parmesan and dress a big green salad. We usually try to get the dogs out while Denny is here so they don't get in her way and with Mark here also it is even more important to get them out as they will only try to help him with his work also.  Sadly both cleaning and gardening are not skills they posses.  

Well thats about it for this morning time I got going and made preparations for the influx and galvanized myself.  
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